IMG_2419My name is Patrick Aylward and I am from Fairfield County Connecticut. I am 25 years old and live with my awesome fiancé Sydney and our dog Tiller. I live for sunrise paddle board sessions or jet boiled cowboy coffee at the top of a mountain. I love to end my adventures with an ice cold IPA and pepper jack cheese. Every night you can find me with a book in my hands as I am a avid book worm especially when it comes to other peoples adventures. During the weekends you can find me hiking, camping, or skiing during the colder seasons. During the summer my life revolves around sailing which has been my main passion since I was 7 years old. I work in the sailing industry so I spend my 9-5 surrounded by the outdoor community and like minded individuals which I wouldn’t trade for anything. I am well known as a “gear head” for any activity I am doing and spend tons of hours researching and acquiring the perfect arsenal of gear for the activity that I am doing. I enjoy passing this knowledge onto my customers at work who seem to be very appreciative of me testing most of the gear I am selling to them as well. This winter I am aggressively going after the Catskills 3,500 list and am well on my way to bagging all 35 peaks. I also plan on doing some winter mountaineering, ice climbing and more winter camping. I am super stoked for an epic winter season!

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